When you think about home security and you have a sliding patio door. Most of the people consider this one of the most vulnerable entry points in their home.

That’s why most people use a broomstick or a 2×4 down in the track of their sliding doors. But I’ve got a better alternative for your home security. This is the night lock patio sliding door barricade.

It’s a home security device. That will help you to keep your family safe night lock will help prevent home invasion. it actually barricades your door.

The night lock is very simple to use. You can simply slide out the handle and the door slides will open. When you want to lock sliding door you slide the door shut and you slip.

The night lock patio is a two pieces unit one is the floor blade and 2nd is the handle. They both together they’re mounted ready down the trailing edge of sliding door.

The sliding door the night lock patio can be installed on any type of surface like carpet, hardwood, tiles flooring, and cement flooring. You can also installed it on the carpet without cutting your carpet.


  1. To install sliding door night lock patio on carpet. First thing you need to do is to make sure that the door is completely closed. After that place.
  2. The door lock right down next to the trailing edge of the sliding door. It should be the place where you will be mount the night lock patio.
  3. After that lock will installed in less than two minutes you must try it by your own it is not much difficult job. 
  4. And know you have to use a power drill to make holes for the two screws. Remember this can be happens on carpet sometimes when you’re drilling the tap holes through carpet.
  5. That drill wants to catch the carpet and pull the thread . So what you will like to do with carpet. Is you break you pop a hole through the  carpet where you want to put the holes.
  6. So that the drill won’t grab the alright let’s drill the pilot holes for the screws. the night lock comes with two screws.
  7. There are 2 inches long to go deep But it is recommended to use 4 inches long screws instead of these 2 inches screws.
  8. You have to use 4″ inches screws instead of 2″ screws can dramatically increased the strength of your sliding door against any strike from intruder.
  9. Because the use of two” screws is a normal standard. But here we discussing about the improvement of security for your sliding door.
  10. And as you fixed those two screws your installation will complete and you will find these all process very easy.
How To Install a Sliding Glass Patio Window Security Bar (SK110) To Burglar Proof Your Windows.


When we considering about home security It is also very important for you to must be consider how you can more secure your windows.

In this article we only going to cover about how to bring improvement in sliding doors and windows only.

SK110 Patio Door Security Bar is very useful product for both doors and windows. But according to Me it’s too good for windows. And for that reason.

I will suggest you for SK110 patio door security bar which is I found best of the best solution to improve window security.

And I will guide you how to install and use the SK110 patio doors security bar with your own self. By following some easy few


  1. Before installing anti lift lock make is shore your patio sliding window is working smoothly and simulate operation of the SK 110
  2. Place on end of the SK 110 inside the frame and extend the bar to the other end against the sliding door panel.
  3. The SK 110 is adjustable from 24 and 3/4 inches to 47 and 1/2 inches by clicking above link you can find it on amazon.
  4. Press the rocker and retract the bar left up the bar and stow it vertically inside the frame and choose an installation height. That doesn’t interfere with the door handle.     
  5. And allows enough room for the SK 110 to be stored vertically. And when not in use to install the bar use the two included truss head tapping screws.
  6. To fasten the hinge brackets to the window frame I hope you will done it without any hard issue.
  7. Next place the support saddle and optional anti lip lock on the other side of the bar. Making sure to align the holes as shown in picture. Then extend the bar to the window panel.
  8. And fasten the saddle and anti lip lock to the side of the moving door panel using the three included plant head tapping screws. To open the patio door depress the anti lift lock.
  9. If installed and lift the bar up the anti lift lock provides enhanced security by preventing the bar from being raised. Without fist pushing in on the spring clip press.
  10. The rocker to retract the bar if necessary when lift it up and hide it away inside the window frame. You can also lock the door in an open position to allow for airflow.
  11. Open the window to the desired width lower the bar and pressing the rocker. Extend it to the support saddle if your installation height allows you for it.
  12. You can store the bar in its locked position without first retracting it. It will be real appreciated for choosing the ideal sliding window security lock SK110 for Patio Window Security Bar.   




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