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Guide How To Protect Your Home From Intruders

Comprehensive Guide How To Protect Your Home

Home Protection

Do not ignore it. If you searching for how to protect your home from intruders. You are on the right place. Because this comprehensive guide will give you  much help for your pick the perfect security.

Without taking proper security measures you cannot protect your home and beloved family from unwanted intruders(robbers). If you want to live with good health and peace of mind get secure your home from inside and outside.

Something that you can do today to secure your home and your family. Something that you can do to make that happen today. Our goal is to be safe and protected in our home.

Guide How To Protect Your Home From Intruders

Step By Step Guide For Beginners

In order to achieve this we need to fortify our home against possible hazard including criminals. Periods of unrest and desperate individuals as well as man-made and natural disasters.

How To Protect Our Homes From Threat

How to protect our homes from every kind of threats When robbers really wants to access to your home they could take a piece of large equipment and drive it through the front door.

Our goal is to fortify our home and make it a less appealing target that’s right. This guide is based on preparing you how to secure your home. I hope that you’ll read all the given additional details which are the important part of this guide.

My efforts are to give you a comprehensive guide on preparedness efforts to how you can secure from robbers, intruders. Today robbers may pose a threat to us after disaster strikes.

Disasters bring out the best in some people and the inner monster in others our best plan is to make sure that we are protected. And we take those steps which keep our family safe.

Multiple Layers of Protection

To keep our home and our family safe what we want to provide is a layer of protection not just one thing or one great thing but a lot more little layers. Lot of Little things that make up a big package that really makes an effective role.

Blend In With Your Neighborhood

It’s important to blend in with your neighborhood and stay as invisible as possible. We don’t  have anything in plain sight that could tempt someone and we don’t want them to think that our home is an easy target.

Importance of Your Appearance

Appearance has too much importance, looks secure enough to deter potential to robbers, but ordinary enough to stand under the radar park. Your vehicles in the garage never leave a remote to your garage door in your car that is parked in the driveway.

We want to create deterrence and deterrent to nothing more than making them think twice. Whether or not they want to intrude so something as simple as alarm sing can make them think. Maybe I don’t what to come here security lighting is also very important.

Exterior Lighting

Intruders, robbers, will avoid bright lights, they prefer concealment so if your home is well lit and doesn’t allow robbers. They just move on to a target where they can conceal themselves.

You should make sure you have exterior lighting that illuminates all points of entry to your home motion sensitive lights are incredibly valuable. Because they turn on when there is some kind of motion that activates them otherwise they stay off.

But they provide the light when you need it and where you need it those lights can also startle an intruder enough what they will just turn around.

Solar Powered Home Protection

Solar powered security lights for home protection are a good option for the area of your property where many Don’t have electricity. It also has a battery backup it’s also available even if the power does go out.


Sound is another deterrent that can discourage a would be thief and alert neighbors that are suspicious activities. Your home security alarms not only used the sound to discourage intruder, but to disorient them.

And warn that an area has been breached. You can leave on a television or radio to give the impression that someone is still at home when you leave your home.

Barking Dogs Alarms

There are barking dog alarms that can sense motion outside of your front door. They are really cool because they start to bark, but as more movement happens and get closer the barking becomes more intense.

It’s just another trick, but it could be something that could add another layer of protection. That’s right, there are a lot of technological things that we can use. That really can make a big difference like the driveway or outside monitions. Sensor the driveway or outside motion sensor alarm.

When anybody has breached a barrier, it doesn’t actually have to be a mean looking dog. Any dog with a decent bark may make enough noise to alert the neighbors or to discourage the individual from actually pursuing your property.

Remember also that a father trying to feed his starving child may not be deterred by a dog. So you do again want these layers of protection there’s a balance in all of it.

Everything not going to work for every scenario, but one layer on top of another helps to fortify your home is Security Cameras.

Security Cameras (Top Security Layer)

Cameras, technology, this is one of the greatest technological advancements. There are amazing cameras are available that have night vision capabilities.

And other capabilities that really allow you to see even from your cell phone what is happening on your home, property, quite frankly.

If you put those cameras in visible places and some sees that they are being watched. It’s a great deterrent if they have any sense at all. They’re going to be out of their physical barriers are different than the deterrence.

These cameras are actually designed to physically prevent if intruder person entering your home, your property. It’s not to just make them think twice this is a beautiful fence.

And it is definitely a physical barrier tying to protect the perimeter of this property.

Locking Your Doors

Of Course nothing takes the place of locking your doors. It may sound like a no brainer to tell to lock your doors. That is the most common way that thieves entered the home is through an unlocked door or window.

You need to train your family to keep your home locked. One thing that’s really important is if you ever have a key that has been missing long enough for somebody to make a copy of it.

You really should rekey all the locks to your home it can be really so difficult. There is another option that you many want to consider instead of giving your child keys of your home.

You want to install a coated deadbolt where they can just punch in the code to get in. If that code is compromised it can just be change. Other Advantage is that you can easily change those codes on a regular bases.

By that way you know exactly who has access to your home at all times. And whenever you like you can change the combination of code without spending single penny.

Hiding The Keys

One more thing to consider is about hiding keys do not if you choose to use the keys. Do not  hide them in typical locations like under the mat or above the door jamb.

Make sure that you hide them in someplace that nobody would think of you know that means looking dog. How about inside his house or you could put the key inside a short piece of PVC pipe with caps on both ends.

It means that you actually bury it in the yard. The Other and the best option is inside of a properly installed coded lock box. That you have mounted out of sight so you actually have punched a code in to get that key out.

Home landscape

It’s really important that you think this through and limit who has access to your home landscape itself can either invite or deter trespassers. A well-planned landscape can be beautiful and yet not provided a place for them to hide.

If there is a shrub around your home make it shore these shrubs are all short, they’re less than three feet tall. So you don’t have, you’re not giving a criminal a place to hang out where you can’t see them.

Tow Story House Protection

If you have a two-story house look at your trees make sure that you have trimmed all branches away. That may give someone access to a second story window.

Home Protection With Plantation

One of my favorite strategies is to plant thorny or prickly shrubs underneath the window. The rosebush it can place perfectly so that it looks nice. But if someone is trying to climb into that window.

They may get in that window, but I promise you it will hurt them same thing with this shrub. It looks like just a normal part of the landscape, but it is a physical barrier.

These are beautiful roses, and if you didn’t know better, you wouldn’t understand. That they have planted to make it difficult for a person to access the perimeter of this property.

This is a short chain link fence that normally could be easily hopped by anyone providing very little protection. But by planting these thorny roses all along it makes it a bigger challenge for intruders to access the perimeters.

Access that the perimeter of the property is it still possible absolutely what we’re doing is creating layers of protection.

Door Are Vital Point of Entry & Must Be Secure

Door are a vital point of entry for any home, property, all exterior doors should be made of solid wood, fiberglass, steel, or aluminum. Something that can withstand the force and provide the greatest protection for your family.

Frame, Strike Plate, and hinges are just as important as the door itself. In this regard, they’re actually very pretty and don’t look like you’re turning your home into a prison house.

Use of Storm Door?

Some readers should be interested to know about storm doors. A storm door is a second outer door. The common use of storm doors for protection from bad weather, and for ventilation.  

In the months of spring you can pull out the glass panels put on the screened panels. And then you have a secure door that can be left open to allow ventilation in the home.

I hope this information is really helpful for you and your family, then taken a step that you need to detect the deficiencies and improve your home security. Otherwise for any more information we always here to reply all your questions.

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