I am making this article because for two reasons one because I want you to become expert and two because I think it’s a great subject to cover on this site Painless Tec. Good home protection dog is what many you guys are looking for in a pet.

It will train protection dogs causing as much as fifty thousand dollars but most of us that can be cost prohibitive.  It’s also prohibitive for myself to so for that reason I made list of great home protector dogs that I believe will do a great job.

Based on their natural instinct basic obedience training and proper socialization. which, means you do nothing more than that an average pet owner  would do when having a pet. But you have to added benefit of having a great home protector and security system in your home.

Natural Instincts Aka Genetics are characteristics that were selected in a dog breeds development many breeds were selectively bred to be loyal and protective and territorial and those are great. Building Blocks for home protector.

All Dogs need basic obedience training this training is important because all pets need a set of instructions and limitations I called it basic obedience.


Basic Communication it establishes the what when and how your dog should behave and your ability to direct and control that behavior.


We are going to want proper socialization in our home protector this will give your dog the tools to recognize appropriate behavior. You will also be able to identify  when other people or other animals are not behaving properly and he can respond accordingly.


Other thing that I take into account, is dog size, when considering a good home protector dog Velcro breeds and the breeds energy level. Dog size is important because reality of it is that most home protectors will have to be man stoppers. 

You are going to want a dong that’s have to deal with full grown man. So to deal with full grown man dog size is really matters.


Delgo breeds are too great because they are always by your side. The moment something goes down you won’t have to find your dog or call them to your side. He will always be there with you that’s specially great, when you have small children who may not immediately recognize danger.


Energy level is also most important for protection dogs. Because in most cases high energy breeds are counterproductive and in a family setting. Most families appreciate a calm relaxing environment you know what your home protected to be a disrupter or distraction to your family.

Belgian Malinois, & Dutch Shepherd, they both could be great home protectors. But I feel like they both need to have training  and may cause disruptions in a typical family setting. My information is consists of breeds that I believe make great home protectors the order in which these breeds are presented.

Breeds are presented is not chronological. This is not a ranking any of these breeds will do but next job is the home protector as well as being a great home companion. You should choose your breed based on your taste your needs your lifestyle and your family’s resources.




Akita if you don’t like to expect to see of this breed is 10 to 15 years the weight is about 75 pounds for a small female up to 120 pounds for a large male. The AKita  is said to be composed dignified aloof and confident dog.

The Akita is big enough to stop a man and athletic enough to chase them back up the window who snuck in through. Akita is devoted to and protective of his family especially children but can’t be eluded toward strangers.

And potentially aggressive towards dogs that he’s not familiar with so proper socialization will help prevent any unnecessary Standoff, isles or aggression. You’re going to have to be on top of obedience training because they can be independents thinking making to try to solve problems on their own.



Life expectancy of Cane Corso, is about 10 to 12 years with the weight of a small female being about 88 pounds up to 120 pounds for a large male.

The kind of core soul is trainable as a balanced temperament and protective and very courageous.



Doberman Pinscher, life expectancy is about 10 to 13 years. Weight of about 71 pounds for small female  and up to hundred pounds plus for a large male. The Doberman, is known for being loyal fearless obedient, alert, confident and intelligent.

The Doberman is a great companion and makes an amazing emotional connection with his family. This breed is one of the more energetic breeds on my list. With moderate physical and mental activity.

The Doberman, is a great mix of size and athleticism making him physically and mentally at exceptional home protector.



The Bull Mastiff a life expectancy of about 8 to 10 years now the reason why I’m including life expectancy and with these breeds because. Because I feel like as a family dog you’re like to have long lived dog.

And the format’s of is one of the lesser live dogs on this list. But if you can get your dogs in 10 years that’s decent amount of time to have with your family dogs. The average weight of the Bull Mastiff is about 100 to 130 pounds. The Bull Mastiff is known for being loyal, devoted, protective, loving calm.

The Bull Mastiff is a powerful and courageous the breed has a size and instincts to take on a man they were actually developed specifically for this purpose. This bred gets a high Velcro score you will never have to call your bull mastiff to your side this breed will stick to his family like glue.

Proximity is a great trait for family companion the Bull Mastiff has a territorial and protective genetics to be exceptional to be an exceptional home defender. In addition it is a relatively low energy breed that won’t require tremendous amount of activity to be  happy.



The Presa Canario, life expectancy is about 9 to 11 years, weight between 85 pounds for small females upward of 130 pounds for a large male. This breed is athletic and have less drive to things that are essential and in proper home protective.

All pressers through are suspicious strong willed gentle and calm and they can be a bit dominant. The presa is a dicey breed in terms of his temperament and dog aggression making obedience training and socialization.

Extra important for this breed on other hand a well bred trusted is second to none but finding a well bred presa can be the issue. The breeders been recently reconstructed and therefore there’s not a lot consistency right now within this breed especially not, when you compare to the other breeds.

But at its best the pressa is comparable to the American Pit Bull Terrier, in terms of drive with the natural protective. And guarding instincts of an English Mastiff which make it an exceptional exceptional  home protector.



The Rottweiler, life expectancy is about 8 to 10 years and females weigh between around 77 pounds and large males up to 130 ponds. Rottweiler is fearless dog, good natured, devoted, obedient. Tom and courageous this breed can go from teddy bear to grizzly bear.

Alternate one bad act meaning your Rottweiler could be on the slope or cuddling up with you and a second later tearing up and intruded it’s broken into your home.

Ruddy ‘s are natural protectors and fearless in battle and this breeds bite force is legendary the reason why many police department’s in united states toped using Rottweiler because of the amount of damage.

The dogs inflicting on suspects was created incredible liability for police departments. what so ever Rottweiler are amazingly intuitive they connect with their owners they are obedient. If you put in the right infrastructure in terms of obedience training and socialization anybody can have a Rottweiler.



The Giant Schnauzer, life expectancy is about 12 to 15 years with small females weighing about 60 pounds to 210 pounds for large males the giant schnauzer is loyal, courageous, highly intelligent, strong will, and can be bit dominant.

There’s no limit to the capabilities of a well trained giant schnauzer tracking carding herding and home protection are among the jobs. This breed will excel at like the Doberman, the Giant Schnauzer, is a great mix of size and athleticism.

The breed is hiring energy that most of the breeze on my list but does well indoors it makes for great companions. The Giant Schnauzer is highly intelligent so we’re very little effort you yourself could probably train your Giant Schnauzer to do some advance protection work.

In other benefit Giant Schnauzer is a hypoallergenic which is great for families who suffer from allergies.



Breed Beaueron, life expectancy is about 10 to 12 years or weight  is about 66 pounds for a small female on 99 pounds for a large male. The Bolsheviks fearless, intelligent, protective and calm Beauceron is more family friendly version of the  Belgian Milionis and Dutch Shepherd.

It is not as sharp mentally or as high in terms of drive as of but has more than enough intelligence and drive to be an exit home protector. It also has the added benefits of being incredibly loving an emotionally supportive companion.

This breed is highly intelligent and amazing at problem solving Boxer life expectancy 10 to 12 years weight 50 pounds to 80 pounds for a large amount. The Boxer is devoted, fearless, loyal, energetic. clownish, brave and confident.

The Boxers energy level is on the higher side for breeds on this list but the extra activity won’t kill you and will probably make you healthier.   Boxers are a solid home protector because they are loyal, brave, and fearless to create a strong bond with their families.

The best thing about Boxer is that added humor and light they will bring to your life they are a good sized breed with exceptional athleticism and strong protective instincts.

9. German Shepherd
9. German Shepherd

9. German Shepherd

German Shepherd life expectancy is about 9 to 13 years weight is about 50 pounds for small female 290 pounds for a large male. German Shepherd is loyal, obedient, alert highly intelligent, confident, curious, watchful and courageous.

Military and Police work being a big part of this breeds development for the past 100 years. The German Shepherd is especially equipped with the skill set for home protection.  

And working line characteristics like intelligence, trainability courage, athleticism and confidence are highly selective making today’s.

Average working line German Shepherd exceptional in these area the breed is known for exceptional loyalty which means you won’t have to go looking for your German Shepherd when trouble strikes.

I hope you guys have the decimal great home protectors without the need for a whole bunch of training. I think if ought list you’ll find that there’s a tremendous amount of fearlessness, courageousness, protectiveness and athleticism.

All of those breeds are basically the foundations and the building blocks that you’re going to want in a home protector.   

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