Introduction To Great Dane Best Family Protective Dogs

The Great Dane dog is undoubtedly is best family Protective Dogs a great breed. In the list of best family protective dogs. With some good & some bad qualities.

The Great Dane is the largest dog breeds every recorded in the world. among the other safeguard dogs the world and largest dog breed ever recorded is the Great Dane.

The ideal height for a full-grown male Great Dane is about 32 to 36 inches in height and weight 140 to 170 pounds.

The breed is have been around for more than 400 years. He is descended from mastiff-like dogs that were bred by the Germans to increase the protective of their estate and to hunt wild boars.

Back in the 16th century there some evidence to suggest that similar types of dogs existed right back Ancient Greece.

Great pet because they are the best companion out there always at your side, very loyal, loving and carrying dog. They’re the dog you can have around you.

The Great Dane at his essence is a majestic, they have strength, stamina and personality and these all qualities wrapped up in a great amount of energy all qualities of family protective dogs.


The Great Dane is really too large dog guard and people will continue consider him as gentle giant. The Great Dane has certain status among the all dog breeds.

great Dane in black color


Black and white

Great Dane in Blue


Great Dane White & Blue

White and Blue

Great Dane Blue brindle

Blue Brindle

The Blue Merle

Great Dane Blue brindle


Great Dane Chocolate


Great Dane Harlequin

The Chocolate and White

Chocolate Brindle

Great Dane Fawn


Great Dane The Chocolate and white



Great Dane The Mantle merle

The Mantle Merle


Great Dane The Chocolate and white


Great Dane Silver



History oF The Great Dane Breed

They’re really fun, and they’re amazing dogs. The history of the breed is origination from Germany. The very interesting fact about the Great Dane history in Germany.

They were called catch dogs in Germany they sent the hunting dogs out and they would find the animals, the bear, and they’d send a howl and warn the owner.

At that point the owner would send out the catch dogs. The catch dogs would comes and hold the boar. They’d hold them by the head.

So that’s what the Great Danes done in their past they were the catch dogs, not actually the hunters, or the once that sought out the animal, but they were the once that would actually hold them.

Boarhounds, that was the original name of the Great Dane as in the Irish Wolf hound. What you want is a majestic looking creature with strength.

Great Dane Temperament

You want him to be square, legs and body about the same size and the head is very square and muscular and having strong firm neck and body.

The Great Danes are moderately playful, moderately dogs they are affectionate and good with family and especially with children. There behave with children is really considerable.

In any situation they knows how to guard their homes they are extreme loyal, dog they are affectionate their owner and his family and almost all people.

You should never be perverted by their encouraging aggressive behavior which is actually it’s their emotions and their passion.

However never proven he have negative characteristic actually gentle giant, with a warm temperament he is very regal, intelligent, loyal and loving dog.

Great Dane Puppy Training

2020 Training Commands for Great Dane

Do Great Dane Puppies Bark A Lot

It’s subject to the condition if allowed to develop barking as a habit they’ll otherwise they aren’t nuisance barker.  And completely depends on your training don’t let him allowed to develop barking as a habit.

Owning A Great Dane

Generally Great Danes are considered as an easy to train animal. They can adjust with other animals, easily without any problem.

In some case it has been observed that with some particular raised they can be behave aggressiveness but overall Great Danes are considered as a easy to train dog and a good learner.

Can Great Danes Be Left Home Alone

Well if you have some proper arrangement like if you have separate room for dog or dog house then it’s ok.

Otherwise it might be possible that Great Dane become board and destroyed house furniture with his strong jaws.

How Intelligent Are Great Danes

According to the statement of experts Great Danes are intelligent dogs and according to intelligent stats they belong to 88th smartest dog breed.

Why Do Great Danes Lay On You

He does not consider about their size that they are really giant in size and they will like to keep their self lean with family member because he does not feel lonely.

and other strong reason is they are so loving animal and other strong reason is they are so loving so naturally want their self lean with family member.

And as I described earlier they love children too much therefore it is recommended to take care of children specially during the feeding of Great Dane.

Great Danes Do They Like To Swim

They are not natural swimmers but in summer days they enjoy to play in water specially they love wading in up to their chest in water.

Great Dane Suddenly Aggressive

In fact Great Danes are too much sensitive breed of dogs and they will not fire until without close contact with all other family.

Therefore it is recommended do not leave Great Dane to living his life outside the home or in a backyard or any kind of doghouse otherwise can be mentally disturbed, depressed, and become aggressive.

How Long Do Great Dane Puppies Sleep

All most all other dogs like to sleep about 14 hours a day, but Great Dane sleep lot more about 16 to 18 hours every day.

Tabassum Nazir

Great Dane Medical Issues

Dogs have so many inherited illnesses issue if you have a piece of good knowledge about the dog breed you have. 

Then you can minimize the impacts of their inherited issues. By giving them proper nutrition, and good care.

List Of Dog Disease Or Medical Conditions

Great Dane Addison's Disease

Addison’s disease normally causes the loss of hormones in dogs in their adrenal glands. These glands are responsible to produce three types of hormones.

  1. Corticosteroids
  2. Gastric dilatation volvulus
  3. Hip dysplasia


The corticosteroids help the dog body when a dog feels stress and a rise in heart rate and it will also control blood sugar.

It has a very specific and vital role in a body’s redundant system most major cases are the immune system.

When the immune system creates antibodies against these cells of the adrenal glands can destroy the adrenal glands.

When you found these early symptoms in your puppy. Like the vomiting and having digestion problems and poor appetite or lethargy.

According to the latest researches aldosterone has responsible for the body to enhance sodium, potassium, and body water level.

So you have to pay attention when you found these all symptoms in your dog because it has been noted that most dog owners not taking earlier notice.

And when they took notice of these common symptoms it too late. When this disease is treatable if noticed in the early stages.

Hip Dysplasia

When Great Dane suffers from bloat, the stomach of Great Dane will swell and rotates cutting off blood supply to other vital organs.

Bloat Gastric is the most dangerous for Great Dane’s life and one of the most serious illnesses. If the dog does not get in a time treatment, he can die in minutes.

Some Early Symptoms Are As Under:

  1. Found a swelling on the abdomen of your puppy
  2. You noticed that your puppy has abdominal pain.
  3. Your puppy rapidity breathing.
  4. Excessive salivation coming from your puppy mouth

If you found any of these symptoms with your Great Dane, I am sorry to say but in that condition; Rush in any emergency of the veterinary hospital for proper medical treatment of your Great Dane.

Well, it’s not possible to cover all major and normal diseases in one post. Therefore I only mentioned the most common and dangerous disease.